Creating Lasting Crypto Weath With RealT’s Real Estate Tokenization Platform

With Bitcoin exploding in recent weeks to its highest price since the peak of the 2021 bull market and the halving only a few short months away, the crypto sphere is positively electric with anticipation. The next crypto cycle seems to have finally gotten off the ground, and the projects that have been slowly cultivated over the past few years are finally ready to bloom.

Some of the most promising projects are in a subsection of the DeFi marketplace called Real World Assets (RWAs). RWAs work towards making real-world assets, such as precious metals and gems, antiques, and art, available for purchase via digital transactions.

These assets are typically made available through the process of ‘tokenization,’ which brings the ownership of the asset onto the blockchain via tokens that are algorithmically pegged to their real-world value. Each token represents a percentage of ownership of the item, so it can be either wholly owned by a single individual or partially owned by multiple investors.

The RWA sphere has also entered the real estate market in the form of RealT, a company that offers tokenized real estate in the U.S.A. for investors all over the globe. By buying RealT tokens, investors can be the partial owners of rental properties, which entitles them to a portion of the rental income proportional to their percentage ownership.

As the new cycle heats up, many crypto investors will need to search for a hedge against the market’s volatility to protect their winnings. RealT’s blockchain real estate marketplace provides the perfect safe harbor while maintaining the liquidity you’d find anywhere else in the cryptosphere.

This begs the question: how do you buy RealT tokens? explains:

“In the Marketplace menu on the homepage you can find a list of all the properties available for investment. By clicking “buy”, the system will instruct you to continue the purchase of property. You can purchase tokens either via PayPal or via several cryptocurrencies using Coinbase or Metamask wallets. Before making any purchases, you will need to identify yourself with your personal documents and photo as well as provide your Ethereum address to which you will receive your RealT tokens.

After you make your purchase, the token will arrive at the ethereum address you provided, and you can transfer it like any other token. The RealT platform has an integrated exchange where you can sell your tokens.”

Currently, RealT’s properties are exclusively in the U.S.A., but the company has plans to expand its portfolio in the near future. Not only will the company begin offering rental properties outside of the country, it will begin to offer alternative types of properties, including hotels and commercial office space. explains:

The development team announced the expansion of their offer to real estate from other countries, but also to hotels, offices and other commercial premises. In addition to real estate, the plan is also tokenization and sale of arts, loans, real estate mortgages, etc. Another goal is integration into the DeFi (decentralized finance) sector – the fastest growing part of the crypto space. The ability to directly lock RealT tokens on the MakerDao platform will add to the attractiveness of the product itself and increase the value of RealT tokens.

If previous cycles are any indication, capital will begin to pour into the crypto market over the next year, which presents nearly unlimited possibilities to smart investors who have spent the last few years accumulating. Once your bag has been secured, RWAs like RealT present the optimal and most productive safe harbor for your profits as you plan your next moves.

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